Good, Better, Best Boost levels


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I was thinking about the various goals people have for their cars. We have Alex on the best level, then better, then good. I picture myself on the good level.

The Kenne Bell website said my 2004 GT Mustang is good for 351 HP and 366 lb/ft of torque at 6 PSI, 405 and 427 at 9 PSI, and 507 and 521 at 14 PSI.

This means I am looking for about 6 to 9 PSI of boost max.

With no parasitic pumping loss, I will be able to use a bit less boost and get to 7.5ish PSI, approximately 400 HP where I will be quite happy.

The idea is to list the equipment you need for each of the level. I picture the good level being much less demanding the the best. Based on what you guys know, I am a complete newbie, what equipment is easy, safe and reliable for each level of install?

Perhaps I can stop dreaming and start installing.