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Alex, is there much activity on this site? I am a complete newbie. Just got my car back after 14 months. The Southwest is grim for Audis. Love to try electric air in the car. Looks like you folks are just the right place for me to learn.
Best, Tim
Not too much activity, but it's building. I'm in the process of moving halfway across the country, so I'm a but inundated with both houses - selling the old one and building the new one. Moving day is coming up in the next couple of weeks - and then I'll be back on to these things.
Hi Alex, I recently found this Swiss company that has over 30years of making a whole line-up of high speed turbo generators/ motors. You might find something useful. They have a rep, out in Concord Ca. as well if your German is a little rusty:) https://www.eunda.ch/en/manufacture/