2.8L VR6 + Vortech V3 + Motenergy ME0907 + 100V


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I've been working on these designs for a while and assembled components, but yet to produce a prototype.
Target engine is a VW 2.8L 24V VR6 in a 1981 VW Scirocco (see @81VR6 on instagram for info).
Unique requirement to this project is the 100V hybrid system driving a traction motor on the front axle, while the engine is moved to the rear. So my options for motors that run at 100V to drive a supercharger are a bit more limited.
My front system uses a Sevcon (now BorgWarner) Gen4 Size6 inverter good for 650amps driving a Motenergy ME1616 liquid cooled motor.
Batteries are a pair of BMW i3 modules in series, 12S each, holding 8kWh.

I started with a V9F which was part of a kit for the VR6, but later picked up a V3 because it has it's own integrated oiling system.

For the electric charger, I have a Sevcon Gen4 Size 4 (110V max, 350A) and Motenergy ME0907 and a FrozenBoost intercooler. The motor and inverter are massive compared to what I see running here. I suppose it would be able to run indefinitely, but at quite a weight and packaging penalty. Ideally I would find something to drive the impeller directly as I see here, or even drive the input gear directly. But most inverters I find in this space have a max commutation frequency.
Motor Specs:
16 turns per phase
Line to Line resistance of 0.012 ohms
Motor weight of 22 pounds,
max 5000 RPM.