Meth injection tuning.


New member
I have a question on how to tune for an electric turbo.
I'm relatively new to tuning but after looking around using meth for the kit would be ideal.
Basically running meth + the electric turbo as similar to a wet nos kit.

The issue I'm trying to figure out is how to tune for it so that when the electric turbo/meth isn't turned on it doesn't affect your stock fueling map.
I would like to be able to run my vehicle like normal then when activating the turbo kit meth is injected via how much boost the turbo is putting out and the stock fueling would not need to adjust much as equal parts fuel/air would be injected so afr wouldn't spike one direction or the other.

Any tips or direction for this would be appreciated. As I don't see much information on how to tune for a kit that is only on some of the time.