Doug Fir

I am an environmental engineer working here for over 42 years in the fields of alternative energy. I invented numerous devices that are being used in the field of industrial food processing water purification, bio fuel production and for the last 10 years have work on creating a turbo compounded 13B P port direct fuel injected rotary wankle engine. To that extent I want to switch from an axial power recovery turbine with a heavy complex mechanical connection to a combination turbo charger with a electric generation attached. In short the rotary has an inefficient short space combustion chamber which results in a very hot and robust waste stream. With a power turbine in the waste stream I can theoretically capture 60kW of energy. The engine will power a Seawind experimental aircraft with a flight ceiling of 25k feet. The engine will be normalized meaning only enough boost to return it to sea level setting is needed. At 10k` that is about 5 psi which at least 1 psi can be picked up by the ram air at the 150 knot cruise speed. Only at high flight levels will I need to grabbing 35kW of energy with the compressor. Most of the time it will be running only slightly loaded. So with generator also connected to the turbocharger the excess generated power goes to an battery and then to the axial motor mounted between the engine and 3:1 speed reduction gear box. F1 racers have used this idea for years now. I just need to find a company that can sell me a motor that can withstand constant use. Not sure the RV motors you use are up to the task though. Would appreciate any advise. Cheers
Feb 16, 1951 (Age: 73)
Nagano Prefecture Japan


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