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Ok, I may be going full nerd here. My daughter's been into watching Battlebots for the entertainment factor lately. When I was a kid (I was 12), I built a remote-controlled robot for the "Olympics of the Mind" competition. I named it "HAL 9000." It could move around, had an articulating claw arm, could speak in pre-programmed phrases (from a tape - this was the mid '80s, and I was a kid), and I have about the most embarrassing picture in the world with that thing somewhere.

Now I'm middle-aged, going to basically quit my job, move to the Gulf Coast of Texas and have some real fun - I was thinking about building a heavyweight battlebot, mostly to re-live my childhood and how I wanted HAL-9000 to be at the time, and to get affirmation from my kid (she said she views those folks as, "gods" - her actual wording). I already bought the property in Texas, so that's a good start.